Monday, July 1, 2013

What makes a someone?

All I have to gain, from letting myself be insulted is, well, everything.  Sometimes, we act as if being unjustly treated is the worst thing ever.  Being insulted or condescended to, becomes an entitlement volcano that erupts into a lava mess of self-justified anger and sometimes retaliation.

Our prissy, sissy-footed culture of appeasement teaches us plainly, one absolute truth: placation is the only virtue.  No one is wrong, except the person who says someone is.  The only bad people are those who notice bad things in others.  Those who accept all soggy blarney as if it were life sustenance itself, they are the virtue makers of our time, the winners of the day on the grandstand of history.  How much they miss. They get the accolades, but sadly, never the award of actually being someone.

This is what being unjustly accused gets you.  You get to be someone. That someone is a person who is stronger leaving the arena than when he came in.  You aren't so easily bruised next time. You become secure knowing you're right and it's OK that no one else knows it.  You learn, you grow, you become someone smarter, wiser, more self-controlled, able to take the heat much longer.  In essence, more like the Christ who bought you.

You also become someone who can let go. This world holds less and less value for you and your eternity shines more lovely.  You're looking forward to the real prize, the lasting prize of heaven.

Someone who can truly love, that's who you become.  And this is love, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Your daily dying to the urge to verbally, or otherwise, pummel nasty little punks who seek to put you down, gives you a clearer understanding of what Christ did for you.  And though you are unjustly treated, insulted, patronized or injured, even killed, you will never fall as far as the King of Heaven did to win your soul.

So, that is everything.  To be more like Christ and to understand his love for the world is everything.  If it takes a little persecution to bring this about...I think it is worth it, don't you?

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