Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Importance of being useless

We have such a hard time deciphering God's will. We get all busy analyzing, reassessing and over analyzing what we think God might want us to do. We want to obey him. We really do. The hard part in all of it, is that we forget that sometimes God wants to use us by making us not very useful.
People who get sick can't get up and run marathons for a good cause. Mute people can't share the Gospel on a bus.  I don't speak Kikuyu. You probably don't either. That rules out entire villages for us to reach, in Africa.

Some limitations are very obvious to us. We see someone in a wheelchair and we understand their physical constraints.  We tend to learn to accept obvious restrictions, brought on by God's design, like,  I am not a 7 feet tall male with thighs, the circumference of which, rival my front yard tree, therefore I will never slam dunk for Jesus. I don't sit and sulk in my house about that. It's just the way it is. I even accept things like, how magnificently some women who are really gifted, can organize, plan and carry out huge events with ease and effectiveness, all while wearing a pair of fantastic heels, knowing that I will never be that put together.
But we don't like to be set aside or discarded. We don't like being considered useless. We want to contribute. We can't accept that God wouldn't use us at all.  But sometimes, He doesn't.
Sometimes the quiet acceptance of a place of stationary submission is the largest billboard of faith. When Job lost it all, he did not know that God was lighting up a giant neon sign for future generations to learn that God is to be feared, Satan doesn't have the final say and God's blessings come in the morning. God gives and God takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.  I'm not privy to the spiritual realm of dialogue, but I'm guessing it isn't every day that God brags to Satan about a person.  He said, "consider my servant Job, there is no one as righteous as he is."  When Job complained and then met God in the whirlwind, his response was to  put his hand over his mouth. I am suggesting that this is what I need to learn to do.
I think I know. I think I understand. I think what's best for the kingdom of God is what I can reason out and then do with my own hands. I forget that God's most amazing place of usefulness for me might be to not use me at all, for a time. How I respond to down time, can be an instrument of great accomplishment. When there is nothing of my good works to be seen, my faith can then speak volumes about God.  After all, it is his majesty I want to proclaim anyway.


spencer said...

I am very glad that you are not a seven foot tall male.

Amy said...

me too. ;-)