Thursday, March 28, 2013

The best advice I can offer young people: Eat at Crow's

We are a country of the youth. With that comes shame. Unfortunately it is the older and wiser who are shamed and the youth that are esteemed. There is so much to know, and so many young people know it, that they have no need of the knowledge that can grow them up in the dignity and wisdom of the aged. It's probably best to stay young and lacking discretion, as long as you can Google the answer to things that won't secure true wisdom, like "How does one do the Harlem Shake?"  And that's a shame because wisdom can help you know things like: there are some things you shouldn't know. That is for another blog post...but...

alternatively, Google Stephen Nichols' book, The Reformation: how a Monk and a Mallet Changed the World. It is refreshing my memory on some major reformers of the church and is serving to prop up my resolve to love God's word. It is reminding me that it is valuable to stay faithful to it and to reject the empty-headed, post-post modern thinking, the latest wave of lukewarmity in so-called believers, who stand against everything Christian and nothing non, yet still try to hold the title Christian. It just can't be swallowed. Even less so, under the reminder that men were burned at the stake for beliefs the likes of believers' baptism and for disagreeing with the Catholic queen.

It's the same today. Men, well-versed in the Scriptures strive to understand them for the good purpose of bringing them to the people with integrity, to shepherd the people of God and lead them in truth, are opposed by unlearned men, steeped in the love of money or power and whatever pleases the masses at the time. It isn't only that our world lacks education on these things, though it does, it is as God says in Romans chapter 1, they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Leaders have been irresponsible in both allowing our youth to remain uneducated in the things of Scripture, and guilty of not reminding them of their moral responsibility. Young men and women, ignorantly give in to the laziness that furthers the damage.

I've been that young know-it-all. I know how hard it is to actually humble myself and seek out the truth in order to right myself, and to have to go back and say, I was wrong.  Eating crow is almost impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit.  It's hard enough in the flesh, as a believer.  But, once again, Christ Jesus speaks the final word on this, that the truth sets you free.  There is no freer place than the place where crow is served.

We aren't being burned at the stake, here in America, at least not yet. But everyone's opinion matters, but God's.  We believers get on Facebook or Pastors get in pulpits and declare the word of God as authoritative and all the supporters of free speech cry "You Can't Say That!"  But where is the valor of the humble?  Where is the bravery of the young man who, in search of greater good, will condemn himself in order to be right in the end?  He will do all things gymnastic to dodge what is best for him.  He will even get all angry and sweaty, making himself a fool, speaking loudly about his vast knowledge, which to the learned and wise, older, onlookers amounts to 2+2=6.  He doesn't even see that so many see through him.  The freshmen of the world spout off about love and mercy to someone who has endured extreme hardship despite showing mercy.  Noobs love pontificating grand wisdom about poverty and morality and "judge not lest ye be judged" while they, themselves, judge unjustly, a dignified man who is well-worn by both and has experienced Christ's victory over unspeakable trials long before the young punk was born into his spoon-fed life of comfort.  Oh the diamonds this young man could win himself, in his own shutting up.

Youth is embarrassing to those who are coming out of it.  I should know. Boy, am I glad it's over.  Now if I can only maintain what I've learned and make it the practice of my older years, to live like I don't know as much as I think I know.  That would be a mercy.

Just because we are living in a world that doesn't want to hear it, doesn't mean we should cower.
Hold to the things you know for sure, the things God has spoken, things shamelessly called Right and Wrong.  You shouldn't mind being burned at the stake for loving and obeying them like the martyred reformers did years ago.  And like Christ before them, let's do it loving and forgiving those who hate us, and those who in willful, youthful ignorance try to shame us.


.Kate. said...

Thank you for the reminders! I feel I should read this post every day because there is so much in here that I want to think on but cannot possibly expect to remember from day to day!

Amy said...

I need the reminders that I give.