Thursday, January 17, 2013

Les Miserables

Some things just stick with you. I'm pretty sure a few of the disturbing images of last night's movie, one scene in particular, will stick with me. I wanted to leave. It wasn't a matter of conviction that repulsed me, but the clear depiction of the base repulsiveness of sin.  I'm glad for it. The reality of sin's destruction should put a scar on our psyche.  We shouldn't like it.  Our flesh much prefers Satan's part in it all, an allurement with a promise and no consequence ever dealt out publicly.  When a woman who is clearly lost, is recklessly abused then disregarded, we should hate it.  An evil man taking pleasure, while mindlessly extinguishing another soul's hope is mortifying.

Plenty of articles have been written on the unsung tragedies of guilt in movies; how characters violate God's good designs, without consequence and are ever happier because of sin. Some of us know that's not really how it is. Much of sin is funny to the watching drones, anymore. I do not need to mention that God does not laugh.

I just needed to talk about it this morning, because I'm thinking about it. It's nothing you haven't already heard.

Please be aware: There is much in this movie that could offend a weaker brother or injure one's conscience. It is not a must see, if you ask me.  I enjoyed the book much more.


.Kate. said...

I know this is an old post but I just had to comment. I had the same exact reaction to the same scene. Repulsive is definitely the word for it; I wanted to leave as well. And what a conscience-pricking reminder of what sin is! And I agree: the book was much better (as they usually are...)!

Okay, I'm done raiding your old posts and leaving them ransacked with comments ;-)

Amy said...

Thanks, I appreciate your input.

Amy said...

Thanks, I appreciate your input.