Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flying over 2013

Good Morning New Year, Nice to meet you.  There has to be something more than your twelve months to give me joy. Like every good sermon, every good joke, every classic story, all things beautiful, a new successful year fails if it is the end of my desire.  It has to start and end with the everlasting.  If not, the middle bog will swallow my feet and slow me to a stop.

Everything entertaining, interesting, mind-boggling, visually enticing, audibly euphoric or fascinating must give me a sense that there is more left to it, for me to fully enjoy it.  We must know that the thing we are engaging in holds out more and more promise, or we will leave it wanting our time back.  That is why all things must be seen as a reflection of a higher, wider, deeper beauty; something everlasting.


Last Sunday the preacher taught that there was no "when" when God created time.  If the great and bright things of earth leave us crying out for more, then we know they have reflected God.  I'm making this an everlasting year.  When it ends on December 31, 2013 at midnight, I was to say that I flew over the quicksand of this temporary place on the back of everlasting.


kelli dionne said...

Hey dear friend,
I loved this post. i used to get your updates sent as a reminder to me, and I don't for some reason, but I couldn't sleep tonight and looked this up! I am a bit overwhelmed and restless tonight, and these thoughts were good for my soul. I would love a phone date sometime this week! I love you!

Amy said...

Love you, friend.