Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Smiling, Laughing and Pink Frosting for the Gospel

Remember this video?

Some things that make us smile, but we don't often think about...

older lady pedestrians that smile and break into a little jog in front of your car when you wave them to go ahead. You get the feeling they don't normally run, but they're so appreciative that someone was polite to them.

This isn't funny when you're raising kids, but it's funny when they're grown: a little girl that wakes up just plain angry at the sun. Little grouchy morning kids with bedhead.

Little old men who bust into a little hip action when the music has a certain groove, shuffling their little old loafers.

Chubby little Mexican boy babies.

Throwing something and having it land in an unexpected and ridiculous place.

When someone does something outside of their normal mode of behavior, like a very sweet person with a witty comeback or my 90 year old friend putting on her purple pumps and prancing across the room with her hands on her hips.

How some dogs tilt their heads to the side when you say words they recognize.

People who take themselves too seriously, busting loose and throwing in a pun and everyone laughing, watching them blush, because they don't usually enjoy getting laughed at.

Breaking down someone's seriousness by teasing them.

Getting an Atheist to admit they weren't around to see an Ape turn into a man, just like you weren't around to meet Adam and Eve, and thanking them for being humble enough to admit that.

Letting someone have the last word, when you know you're right.

Singing Frosty the Snowman, and being OK with the fact that Frosty is not the reason for the season.

Thinking there's one more step on the staircase at the top and lifting your leg really high.


Scaring people.

Getting spooked and feeling like you have to run up the stairs to get away from the butt biting demon, getting an adrenalin rush from it and laughing really hard at the top.

The terrible misfortune of the giggles during a wedding.

People who are hard of hearing talking loud during a movie and saying really revealing things.

Identifying with other people's misfortunes and swapping stories about it.

Words. Choosing the best way to use them.

Thinking about using Scotch Tape for permanent fixes.

People trying to bite other people. It's scary and inexplicable. Fun to do, but disconcerting when it happens to you.

The inside tube of wrapping paper or paper towels makes a loud noise on someone's head but never hurts them. We are always happy to use it on someone else, and they never know how to respond. It's easy to keep away from them when they try to grab it. It's free.

People who think that demons live in rhythm, probably because they feel too tempted to bust a boogie move and it seems uncontrollable to them, like wanting to eat five donuts or kiss someone.

Pink frosting tastes better than other kinds.

Not being able to keep yourself from laughing when someone does something embarrassing like the unexpected expulsion of gas or the tripping into a crowded room.  We don't laugh because we hate them, we laugh because we hate it when it happens to us and we know it could be us at anytime.  If you think about it, we live in suspense everyday that we could do something like that. Maybe we laugh from relief that the chances of it happening to two people on the same day in the same place are unlikely. That's it, it's a laugh of relief.  Plus it looks and sounds funny.

Funny people give us comfort. I smile at them because there is so much bad in this world. When someone is telling jokes and laughing, it seems like everything's OK for a little while.

I think having fun, being funny or letting someone else make you laugh is a great way to share the Gospel.  Really, Christians should enjoy life most.  We are missing the great sting at the end of life. We have a lot to rejoice about.  We have freedom from the tyranny of sin.  The truth belongs to us. We are no longer under the wrath of God. That's elating to me. That's really fun. We get to enjoy the icing, because the cake of this life is ours in full satisfying goodness.  I like to think my part of that icing is pink.

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