Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Domestic Killing of God's Image

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, we are killing the image of God.

1. Killing of each unborn child destroys that person's opportunity to represent God to the world, by bearing his image in the world. (physically)
2. Redefining marriage, defaces the image of God (metaphorically)
3. Killing off the traditional family cracks the image of God and renounces the Trinity (societally/structurally)
4. Financial dependence of people on the government disobeys the command that, in God's image, we are to exercise dominion over the earth, subdue it and make it useful.
5. Legislating the propagation of sinful behaviors that undermine the purpose of creation strikes at God's character, name, and designs for his image bearers.
6. Making laws that protect creation, but disregard the creator is idolatry, making a false image of God.

The direct setting aside of the Law of God, to replace it with orders that force God's true followers to agree and approve of the dismantling of God's image and glory in the world, constitutes that, that person should be called a man of lawlessness and a God-hater.

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dora said...

Ezekiel 20:25, 'Therefore, I also gave them up to statues that were not good, and judgments by which they could not live.'

Man made laws are undoable and godless, which is why they do not and cannot work.

Only God's word works, and has stood the test of time.

We can only win when we follow God's word, no matter the outcome.

God bless.